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Hailstones ‘the size of golf balls’ batter Germany

Munich experienced heavy rain, wind and large hailstones on Monday.

(Kovshutin Denis/Getty Images)
(Kovshutin Denis/Getty Images)

Residents of Munich described seeing hailstones the size of golf balls fall on Monday as storms hit parts of Germany.

Police in Bavaria reported that several people, including a seven-year-old child, were injured in hailstorms, while property was reported as being damaged.

Twitter user Mike Schriewer shared a video of the hail, saying: “Heavy hail in Worthsee by Munich. Got hit by several golf ball sized pieces.”

Another Munich resident complained that her car was being hit by large hailstones, posting a video to Twitter.

Munich firefighters received about 320 emergency calls due to the storm, Germany’s Focus magazine reported.

The hailstones came during a day of rain and storms across Germany, an official public holiday.

Weather forecasters warned that the extreme weather could continue into Tuesday.



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