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Have you ever seen a dolphin this excitable before?

This particular dolphin was showing everyone just how high it could jump.

Dolphins are thought of as a relatively playful species, but even by their standards this one had a particular spring in its step.

Filmed off the Welsh coast by Lizzie Hobbs of Gower Coast adventures on a trip to Worms Head, even Lizzie was surprised by just how much energy this mammal possessed.

After riding close to the boat, our friend completed four huge jumps which Olympic champion long-jumper Greg Rutherford would have been proud of.

“These are short-beaked common dolphins,” said Lizzie. “We see them every year on our boat trips from Oxwich Bay to Worms Head, Gower.

“Whilst the dolphins often approach our boat, bow ride, and are generally very playful, we have never seen a dolphin jumping out of the water quite like this!

“This particular dolphin was incredibly excitable. It circled the boat several times and each time was jumping up to three or four metres out of the water.

“It was really cool to see. Our passengers, boat crew and skipper (Dave) were amazed!”

And while the video makes for very entertaining viewing, it might be of even more use to the professionals, as Lizzie explains.

“We report all our dolphin sightings to the Sea Watch Foundation, a UK charity for the protection of whales and dolphins,” said Lizzie.

The world awaits clarification – was this indeed the most chipper flipper of all time?

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