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‘He didn’t hesitate’: Fabinho signs builder’s saw

The tool signed by the Liverpool midfielder is now up for sale.

(Jay Evans)
(Jay Evans)

Liverpool midfielder Fabinho signed a saw after a quick-thinking builder found himself without a shirt or book to hand.

Jay Evans, 23, was working across the street from the hotel where the Reds stayed before Sunday’s victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield.

“He noticed a lot of people stood waiting for a while and then he realised the Liverpool bus had pulled up,” Mr Evans’ partner Danielle Barlow told the Press Association.

(Jay Evans)

Brazil international Fabinho, 25, was among the Liverpool stars greeting fans and Mr Evans thought fast to ensure he had a memento.

“People were having T-shirts signed and books, however he didn’t have anything like that with him – as he was working – so he grabbed one of his saws,” said Ms Barlow.

“Fabinho didn’t hesitate.”

(Jay Evans)
(Jay Evans)

The couple are now selling the saw on Facebook Marketplace.

“We don’t really know what sort of money we want from the saw, as it’s so unique,” said Ms Barlow, a hairdresser and mum of two from Chester.

“I’d probably say it would be great in a ‘man cave’ or maybe a joiner’s shed or garage.”

Asked what lesson can be taken from the autographed saw, Ms Barlow added: “You don’t necessarily need football memorabilia when you are having something signed!”



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