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Here are some of the mistakes people make during interviews, according to Reddit

Keep these in mind when you’re next in the hotseat.


There’s nothing quite like walking out of a job interview only to have that one frustratingly awkward moment forever replaying in your head.

On top of that, it seems nothing can cure the agony of not knowing what the interviewer thinks of you.

Until now.

User Themeperson asked employers of Reddit: “What mistakes do people make during interviews without knowing?”

Here is a mix – some more useful than others.

1. Interrupting

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“Don’t talk over the interviewer or try to finish the interviewer’s sentences.” – clydeownsus

2. Thinking you’re being questioned by police

“Not realising that an interview is a two-way discussion. It’s an opportunity for you to find out whether the job is a good match for you, not just an interrogation.” – dancingcroc

3. Is it me or is it windy in here?

“I was sitting in on an interview panel one time and the guy being interviewed shifted position in the seat and did a huge fart. And I mean huge. It was a massive, window rattling elephant size fart. He looked shocked and all he could do was say ‘oops, better out than in’. I, being childish, laughed out loud, took some time to regain my composure and then spent the rest of the interview giggling. He didn’t get the job (although not because of the fart) and I got told off by my boss for ‘acting unprofessionally’.” – RicoDredd

4. Faking it and not making it

“Trying to bluff a question when they clearly have no experience of that area. Much better to be honest and say that’s not an area they have experience of, but it’s something they’re interested in learning more about and see it as a great development opportunity…personally I’m looking for someone with the right mindset rather than someone who knows everything.” – dancingcroc

5. Thinking it’s a Parents’ Evening

“Don’t ask if your mum can sit in on the interview/let your mum ask if she can sit in. Happens more often than you might think.” – ZekkPacus

6. Being patronising

“This is for IT candidates. If there is a female interviewer, don’t automatically assume she wouldn’t understand the tech lingo and start to explain. Always assume she’s as nerdy as the greatest hacker you look up to.” – competent_nobody

7. Grumbling and moaning

“Complaining about their previous job. You definitely don’t want to come across as someone who complains a lot. Everyone moans about their job sometimes. It’s normal. But it’s not a good look during an interview. Employers don’t want to hire people who are too negative or complain too much.” – marabou22

8. Not asking questions

“Might come as obvious but it’s a huge red flag to come into an interview without questions to ask your employers. Most important in my opinion.” KohlerBlind

9. Too Much Information

“Don’t give out personal information or talk about your current life unless it’s needed. If you willingly say you are going through a divorce or break up or whatever…situation, they don’t need to know, and you don’t need to divulge that info. It’s illegal for them to ask you about it, but if you give it up, they will 100% use it against you.” – knivesout0

10. Looking everywhere but at the interviewer

“Avoiding eye contact. How am I supposed to believe in you, when you don’t believe in you?” – JustForTheHalibut

11. Suffocating the panel

“For the love of all that is holy, don’t douse yourself in cologne or perfume. When in doubt, use less. If still in doubt, don’t use it at all.” – lorum_ipsum_dolor

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