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Here’s proof that if the Premier League was won with trick shots, Chelsea would be champions again

Who knew Gary Cahill had it in him?

Football is the world’s most popular sport and a great source of entertainment, but it can often be guilty of taking itself too seriously.

It’s a good job then that YouTube trick shot phenomenons Dude Perfect just shot a video with the reigning Premier League champions.

Chelsea players including Alvaro Morata and Marcos Alonso put their skills to the test against the four Americans, while Gary Cahill showed he’s got some serious tekkers.

The YouTubers – who have a background in basketball but are known for videos featuring seemingly impossible stunts across many different sports – more than held their own against the pros there.

But while Cahill and Alonso’s various trick shots – especially Cahill’s final one – were incredible, you’ve got to imagine the likes of Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas upping the ante even more.

Speaking behind the scenes Cahill said his gong shot was the hardest, given the sheer distance involved, while for Alonso the basketball shot was the most satisfying.

It’s pretty clear that if the Premier League was won with trick shots, Chelsea would be more than just in the running.

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