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Here’s what happens to your arm when you sand wood for an hour

Lucas Farrar puts his limbs on the line for his artwork.

What happens to your arm when you’ve been sanding wood for an hour?

Well – this.

My arm after an hour of sanding. from pics

“Personally I thought my arm looked like parmesan cheese,” artist Lucas Farrar, 36, told the Press Association.

The American’s arm post-sanding has drawn a lot of attention on Reddit, with more than 47,000 upvotes.

“I was sanding a block of poplar with craft resin on top,” said Lucas, from Lewiston, Maine. “The dust was really fine and lightweight, it actually felt kind of soothing like baby powder.

“It all came off at once with one quick shake of my arm.”

Once finished, the poplar blocks are used by Lucas to make ambient LED lamps – like the ones below.

The finished pieces of poplar

Lucas has made a Kickstarter for his inventive lamps, which you can support here.

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