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Honey found dripping from ceiling after bees built giant nest

The sticky honey also made its way into light fittings.

A swarm of bees that built a giant nest in the loft of an 18th century house went unnoticed until honey started dripping into the room below.

The honey found its way into light fittings and could be seen oozing through the ceiling in one of the bathrooms at the Grade II-listed home in Leicestershire.

The bees had been busy building their huge honeycomb home

Details have been shared by insurance company Ecclesiastical, with the homeowners choosing to remain anonymous.

It treated the damage caused by the sheer volume of honey in a similar way to a water claim.

The honeycomb found in a property (Ecclesiastical)

After the bees and honeycomb were safely removed, the ceiling and light fixtures were repaired.

David Bonehill, claims director at Ecclesiastical, said: “Claims for this type of damage in older properties are relatively common. Usually, leaking pipework is the cause rather than honey.”

The hive produced so much honey it was dripping through the ceiling (Ecclesiastical)

Stewart Moss, from Lycetts Insurance Brokers, added: “This certainly is an interesting claim. With large properties, attics and rooms can often go unchecked for long periods of time and this gave the bees the opportunity to build quite an impressive home.”

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