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House cat becomes accidental pop star with autotune miaows

Elton the bengal was recorded and remixed by his owner and a host of creative social media users.

Domesticated pet kittens (Nick Ansell/PA)
Domesticated pet kittens (Nick Ansell/PA)

A house cat has become an online sensation after his owner filmed his noisy morning routine and added autotune to all of the moggy’s pleading miaows.

Joaquin Baldwin, who works for Disney in California, used the Voloco app to film and then tweak a video of his cat Elton, “because he won’t shut up in the mornings”.

“I don’t know how this helps but I did it anyway,” he added.

The video had been viewed more than two million times, according to Twitter, in the 36 hours since it was shared.

The video had a very strange effect on neighbourhood cats, if a number of other Twitter users are to be believed.

But other people decided Elton needed a backing track to go with his mewling.

And Joaquin recorded another version which consisted entirely of Elton saying “yaaass”.

Neither Elton nor Joaquin were available to comment on the bengal cat’s burgeoning stardom.



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