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How this eminently successful duck helped create a very relatable viral tweet

‘I will never be as successful as this small duck.’

Amy Schwartz met one of the most successful birds you’ll ever see (@lizardschwartz/Twitter)
Amy Schwartz met one of the most successful birds you’ll ever see (@lizardschwartz/Twitter)

It’s hard to compare your achievements to your heroes and idols, but it turns out it can be just as hard to compare yourself to a duck.

That’s what PhD student Amy Schwartz concluded when she met one of the most successful such birds you’ll ever see at Brecon County Show in Powys, Wales.

“Best juvenile”, “best water fowl” and “best juvenile water fowl”, let alone “reserve champion” – the duck has the lot.

Besides that, they’ve even brought a nugget of success to Amy, 24, as her self-deprecating tweet received tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

“I think lots of people love self-depreciating humour, and there’s just something inherently funny about tiny ducks, let alone such an accomplished tiny duck,” Amy told the Press Association.

Adding to the self-deprecation is the fact Amy is earning a doctorate at Cardiff university on the effects of roads on wildlife – part of an initiative called Project Splatter.

So, what can people take away from this story?

“I think the lesson is to dream bigger than your tiny duck sized body,” said Amy.

Wise words indeed.



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