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Jail inmate attempts to catch contraband parcel dropped by drone

Police in Ohio have released video they say shows a prisoner collecting contraband dropped over a jail’s exercise yard.

(Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office)
(Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office)

By Associated Press Reporters

A prison inmate in Ohio has been filmed attempting to catch a contraband parcel dropped by a drone.

The man was one of eight in an outdoor exercise area at Cuyahoga County Jail in Euclid, and narrowly missed catching the package as it was dropped.

He is seen playing a game of “cornhole” with other inmates, who return to their game after the package was picked up.

Authorities at the prison claim the dropped parcel contained a contraband mobile phone and loose-leaf marijuana.

The incident in July was the second time in two days the jail opened investigations into possible drug smuggling.

The county sheriff’s office launched an investigation, and has turned the case over to prosecutors.



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