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Just a bunch of people imagining what life would be like with a futuristic body upgrades

If you were offered a hi-tech upgrade to your human body, what would you pick?

What would you do if you were allowed one bionic, super-human body feature?

Reddit user Corbayne posed the question to the website, asking people if they were offered an exclusive futuristic upgrade to their normal human body, what would they choose to upgrade?

Here are the 10 best responses.

1. Being a super-human genius would come in handy…

2. Would you want the ability to memorise anything?

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3. Imagine never being tired again!

4. Some would like the option to eat all the fast food they want.

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5. The ability to fly would be an obvious perk.

6. Would you use your upgrade to get the perfect face?

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7. Knowing every single language on earth would be amazing.

8. Some would like lasers in their eyes…

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9. Bionic eyes would be a worthy body-upgrade.

10. Some people would just go old-school.

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