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Kyle Baldock’s POV BMX dirt run at the 2018 X Games will bamboozle your brain

A truly unique point of view.

A BMX rider performs a trick on a bike (Ben Birchall/PA)
A BMX rider performs a trick on a bike (Ben Birchall/PA)

For most of us the sensation of flipping through the air on a bike is something we’ll never get to experience, but Kyle Baldock’s point-of-view camera brings us close.

The 27-year-old BMX freestyler from the Gold Coast in Australia was practising his run for the Fruit of the Loom BMX dirt final at the X Games in Minneapolis, and thanks to a stabilised camera on his bike he got it all on film.

And as if pulling off all those tricks wasn’t hard enough, Baldock commentates on his efforts too. Sound up, everyone.

“Anyone that knows me knows that sometimes I don’t stop talking,” Baldock wrote on Instagram.

The six-time X Games gold medal winner could only manage fifth place when competition time rolled around, but there are surely few better at commentating on their own gravity-defying stunts.

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