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LeBron James was very disappointed and it’s the hottest meme on Twitter

The Cleveland Cavaliers player could not believe what his team-mate did.

A mistake from a team-mate during the NBA finals prompted LeBron James to react in such a way that meme-makers all over the world had a field day.

The moment in question came towards the end of regulation play of game one between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. With the scores level, JR Smith had the chance to score the winning points for the Cavs after a missed free throw.

However, instead of taking a shot or passing to LeBron, Smith, perhaps thinking his team were in front, dribbled the ball up the court instead.

The Golden State Warriors went on to win the game and take a series lead.

LeBron’s reaction to the mistake summed it all up, and by the look of the memes that were produced in the aftermath, summed up a lot of other things too.

However, perhaps this meme was the best summary of what LeBron was actually upset by.

With at least three games to go in the series, there’s plenty of time for more memes yet.

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