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Leo Varadkar has been spotted with a ‘world’s best Taoiseach’ mug

The Taoiseach was pictured with it on Friday.

Leo Varadkar has been spotted next to a “world’s best Taoiseach” mug, and people are really (mostly) here for it.

It’s been a big day for the Taoiseach as a free-flowing Irish border post-Brexit was confirmed.

But in a picture posted from a meeting earlier on Friday, it was something else that caught people’s eyes.

All looks pretty normal right? There’s clearly plenty of hard work being put in ahead of meeting the press to discuss the “rock solid and cast iron” commitment between the EU and the UK to keep the Irish border as is.

But look a little closer at the Irish leader’s mug.

That looks like a “world’s best Taoiseach” mug sitting in front of Varadkar, and given the assurances outlined in the phase one deal people think it’s probably a pretty fitting title right now.

Not everyone backs the choice though.

It’s not the only mug Vardkar has referencing his role.

But one question remains… did he buy this himself?

At least he’s clearly got a sense of humour.

And even for people who disagree with Varadkar, unless there’s another Taoiseach out there somewhere, he’s technically correct.

Combined with this snap from Monday morning that sent social media wild, it’s been a pretty successful week for the premier.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar arrives at Government Buildings in Dublin

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