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Lionel Messi signalled the Champions League’s return in the most impressive way

A maestro on and off the pitch.

Football fans have spent the last 13 years collectively gawking at the magic Lionel Messi is capable of conjuring on the pitch – but the mini maestro is seemingly just as talented off it.

Tuesday marks the return of the Champions League and with it comes that iconic music.

Ahead of the game Messi showed that he’s capable of playing it on piano – and very confidently too.

Doesn’t he just look thrilled with himself? In fairness, who wouldn’t be – though we’ll have to leave it up to you to decide whether you believe what you’re watching.

The 30-year-old will no doubt be lining up for Barcelona on Tuesday as they prepare to take on Juventus, listening to the anthem that was written by English composer Tony Britten in 1992.

And with the task of catching the Champions League’s record goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo – and ensuring Barca have a more successful season than they did last year – he’ll be hoping the music proves just as rousing this time around as it has in his previous 115 appearances.

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