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Man goes swimming off Galway as Storm Lorenzo batters Irish coast

A student was filming along the coast at Blackrock when she spotted someone heading into the sea.

(Maria Sanabria)
(Maria Sanabria)

By Megan Baynes, PA

As Storm Lorenzo hit the Irish coast, one man decided to go swimming in the choppy waters off Galway.

PhD student Maria Sanabria was filming at Blackrock when she spotted someone heading into the waves.

She said the unknown man later got out of the water safely.

Ms Sanabria told the PA news agency: “I’ve seen this before and sure it wasn’t as bad as other storms, but there was an alert nonetheless and they were putting their lives in danger and the lives of the people that, should something happen, would have had to rescue them.

“Earlier that day the rescue services evacuated a woman from the Aran Island who really needed medical assistance, that’s a good use of resources, but not this.

“Every few months we can get one like Lorenzo and they put up an alert. Everyone was saying that Lorenzo was not as bad as they made it sound considering other storms we’ve had.”



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