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Manchester City took advantage of 280-character tweets in the best possible way

And they weren’t the only football team luxuriating in the new word count.

Now Twitter users have 280 characters per tweet, there’s plenty of space to expound complex theories and philosophies on any number of topics.

Or you can just do this.

In possibly the best use of 280 characters so far, Manchester City looked back to 2012, the Sergio Aguero goal that won them the title and the famous Martin Tyler commentary that went with it.

Even with 280 characters, that might not quite be enough OOOOOOOOOOOOs.

But it’s fair to say the City fans enjoyed it.

City weren’t the only team playing a social media blinder on 280 day.

Their tweet was matched by one from the extravagantly named German side Borussia Monchengladbach.

City’s rivals Manchester United also had a go.

As did Spurs.

Elsewhere, there were lots of variations on this theme throughout the world of sport.

Celtic took a moment to gloat.

And a tip of the cap to the National Basketball Referees Association, which had a somewhat optimistic take on the development.

And then there was this.

Sorry England fans.

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