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Meet New Zealand’s very chill police cat

Her name is Tia and she likes to nap.


Police cat Tia

Police cat Tia

Police cat Tia

Police dogs have a very easy to understand place in the law enforcement community – whether it’s for drug detection, or tracking, people know what they do.

A concept that makes a little less sense, though, is police cats. That may sound biased, but cats themselves would probably agree. Who wants to do all that work anyway?

Here’s Tia, from New Zealand, demonstrating a police cat’s less important but still very necessary qualities.

Tia the police cat

What has four legs, a fluffy tail, and works for police? #tiathepolicecat #catsquad

Posted by New Zealand Police on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

So she can only work for maybe 30 minutes at a time, at a push, but doesn’t she look cute while doing it?

The cat works for Wellington District Police, and is apparently top notch when it comes to admin. Did you see her using that mouse? That must’ve taken real restraint.

“Tia doesn’t come to work very often. Our human officers work so much faster so she tends to stay home most of the time. And she knows our dogs are just a little bit better at some police work than cats,” a spokesman told the New Zealand Herald.

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“We appreciate and promote diversity in the NZ Police human and animal ranks – cats, dogs and guinea pigs alike.”

If that isn’t enough police cat for your day, meet Snickers, one of New Zealand police’s other wonderful cats.

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