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Meet Vancouver’s two new mascots: Pee and Poo

They’re out there spreading the message that wipes are not flushable.

Pee and Poo made a public appearance at Waterfront Station (Metro Vancouver)
Pee and Poo made a public appearance at Waterfront Station (Metro Vancouver)

A pair of unusual new mascots have appeared in a Canadian city: Pee and Poo.

The scatological pair have been adopted by Metro Vancouver – the district that includes British Columbia’s biggest city – as part of its Unflushables campaign, which aims to discourage citizens from blocking the sewer system.

Pee and Poo - the Unflushables campaign's two new mascots - visited the Waterfront SkyTrain Station April 1 to get the message out that only pee, poo and toilet paper should be flushed.

Posted by Metro Vancouver on Monday, April 29, 2019

Larina Lopez, division manager of corporate communications at Metro Vancouver, said: “The only things meant to be flushed are pee, poo and toilet paper.”

The campaign is trying to raise awareness of seven products in particular that should not be flushed down the toilet as they can cause blockages: wipes, dental floss, hair, tampons, condoms, medications and paper towels.

Helping get that message across at Waterfront Station in Vancouver were Pee and Poo, who offered advice and free toilet paper.

Richard Stewart, chair of Metro Vancouver Liquid Waste Committee, said: “We really as consumers have to understand that what gets flushed doesn’t just disappear, it goes down and has to be dealt with.”

(Metro Vancouver)

He added: “We want people to only flush the pee and the poo because there’s a whole bunch of stuff that gets flushed down the toilet that doesn’t belong there.”

The video left some residents desperate to see more of the cuddly oversized human waste products.

One commented: “PLEASE let us know if Poo and Pee are making any more public appearances. I need a picture with these two more than I’ve ever needed anything else in my life!!”



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