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Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations include hallway with ‘super creepy funeral’ vibe

The First Lady triumphed with the traditional decorations but went a bit “Tim Burton” with a hallway lined with dead sticks.

A tree-lined walkway leading to a beautifully decorated tree might sound like a good festive addition to the White House this Christmas.

But Melania Trump’s vision didn’t quite capture the traditional holiday spirit she was hoping for, according to Twitter.

A picture shared by her director of communications was mocked for being more Halloween than Christmas and looking like “a super creepy funeral”.

The twiggy addition was likened to the Upside Down of Stranger Things, and the stick labyrinth from the end of True Detective.

On Twitter, Goth Melania and director Tim Burton all received a nod for the inspiration of the anti-Christmas scene.

The twigs were ripe for a game of hide-and-seek with Pennywise and the twins from The Shining.

“This is like the last walk of the condemned,” wrote Twitter user @soapachu.

Author Joanne Harris noted the “Freudian symbolism” in the decor, calling it “so bleak, so sad.”

Other people were drawing their own analogies about the use of the twigs to deliver a message of Christmas cheer.

In Trump’s defence, she was also getting a lot of love for the overall decorations which mark her family’s first Christmas in the White House.

Also included this year are wreaths hanging from the exterior of every window and the First Family’s own Christmas decoration.

Trump White House Christmas

Elsewhere there’s an 18ft (5.5m) fir tree in the Blue Room, and a 350lb (159kg) gingerbread White House which carries the sign “Do not eat”.

Even the twigs don’t look that bad in daylight.

Trump White House Christmas

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