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Mexico football fans found the best way to show South Koreans their appreciation

“Korea, brother, you’re now Mexican!”

World Cup fans celebrate (Andrea Comas/AP)
World Cup fans celebrate (Andrea Comas/AP)

Mexican football fans received a helping hand at the World Cup as South Korea pulled off a shock 2-0 victory against Germany.

This meant that, despite a 3-0 loss to Sweden earlier in the tournament, Mexico still made it through to the knock-out stage.

Understandably fans were ecstatic and looking for a way to thank South Korea for sending the Germans home.

(Christian Palma/AP)

What followed was a spontaneous trip to the South Korean embassy in Mexico City by hundreds of happy fans.

Fans chanted “Corea, hermano, ya eres Mexicano!” – which translates as “Korea, brother, you’re now Mexican!” – as they partied with the South Korean ambassador to Mexico, Kim Sang-il.

He was even encouraged, and agreed, to drink tequila shots.

Elsewhere in the city, and even in Russia, fans found South Korean people and celebrated them, lifting them on to their shoulders and chanting.

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