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Mum discovers daughter’s nipple piercings after X-ray reveals more than intended

‘You can’t keep secrets from your mom. It always finds a way to come out.’


A student who hadn’t told her mum she had her nipples pierced has been rumbled by an X-ray.

Sydney Allen, 20, was getting scans on her spine due to a rare disorder and her mother was with her when the X-rays were revealed to her in the hospital – but the scan revealed more than expected.

“My mum had no idea,” Sydney, from Clearwater, Florida, told the Press Association. “When the scan was first pulled up I started laughing hysterically as well as the doctor.

“She was not as happy, but kept her composure in front of the doctor, just stating ‘we’re going to have to talk about this later’.

“I guess the big lesson I learned from all of this is that you can’t keep secrets from your mom. It always finds a way to come out.”

Fortunately, Sydney said once the initial shock had passed her mum “no longer cared as much” and agreed the X-ray was “pretty funny”.

It turns out Sydney’s not alone either.

Although the piercing-revealing X-rays are entertaining, Sydney says her favourite response to her picture going viral is hearing from other people with her condition.

Sydney has syringomyelia, a disorder which causes the spinal cord to build up with fluid, caused by Chiari malformation – a condition in which brain tissue extends into your spinal canal.

“I was getting the X-ray to check the alignment of my spine,” said Sydney. “If my spine is aligned it helps relieve pain a bit.

“It’s a pretty rare disease and I have never talked to anyone my age that also has it so it has been really awesome to discuss tips and doctor referrals.”

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