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Nicola Sturgeon defends ‘awesome’ Megan Rapinoe in spat with Piers Morgan

Ms Sturgeon praised the Women’s World Cup star and Donald Trump critic as a ‘great role model’.

(Danny Lawson/PA and Francisco Seco/AP)
(Danny Lawson/PA and Francisco Seco/AP)

Nicola Sturgeon has praised Megan Rapinoe, the US footballer and vocal critic of president Donald Trump, as a “great role model” in a Twitter spat with Piers Morgan.

The Scottish First Minister defended the Women’s World Cup star, whose team faces England in the semi final on Tuesday, after TV presenter Morgan bemoaned Rapinoe’s “stupendous ego”.

“Ms Rapinoe sure does love herself,” tweeted Morgan. “Can’t wait to see our Lionesses dent that stupendous ego.”

Rapinoe, a strong advocate LGBTQ rights and racial equality, was criticised by Mr Trump this week after stating she would not go “to the f****** White House” for a celebration should the USWNT prove victorious in France – and was stopped from kneeling during the national anthem by US Soccer.

Ms Sturgeon responded to Morgan’s condemning tweet by saying: “As well she should. She’s awesome is (Rapinoe) – and a great role model, whatever team you support.”

The feud did not end there with Morgan firing back by appearing to suggest he was not surprised Ms Sturgeon liked 33-year-old Rapinoe.

“BREAKING: Sturgeon backs feisty, cocky, opinionated female firebrand shocker,” Morgan tweeted.

Ms Sturgeon appeared unfazed by Morgan’s comment.

“Let’s hear it for feisty, cocky, opinionated female firebrands,” she tweeted. “The world needs more of them.”

Morgan did not respond but shared Ms Sturgeon’s tweet to his page.

England face the USA in the semi-final of the Women’s World Cup on Tuesday, with a brace from Rapinoe carrying her team past hosts France in Friday’s quarter-final.



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