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Nike’s new Nothing Beats a Londoner advert is proving incredibly popular

The ad stars Skepta, Mo Farah and Alex Iwobi.


Nike's advert Nothing Beats a Londoner

Nike's advert Nothing Beats a Londoner

Nike's advert Nothing Beats a Londoner

Nike’s new advert, Nothing Beats a Londoner, has just dropped and it seems like literally everyone has an opinion.

The advert shows London’s young athletes and sporting hopefuls facing everyday challenges to achieve success or just get in a workout, including weather, bullies, packed courts, family and injuries.

The campaign – which is proving seriously popular – features established stars like Skepta, Mo Farah and Dina Asher-Smith, as well as up-and-coming talent.

People took to Twitter to discuss the advert, which was praised for its comic timing, energy and cultural diversity.

The ad features music by Skepta and Kurupt FM, and points a spotlight at areas of London like Peckham, Dalston and Brixton.

The advert hasn’t been immune to jokes, however. Twitter users have nominated their ideas for what actually does beat a Londoner, and they’re pretty accurate.

In a statement, Nike said: “Nothing Beats a Londoner puts a spotlight on this vibrant youth culture and a more exciting, inclusive sports community with Nike at the heart of getting more kids moving across the city.”