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One guy’s nimble digits started a finger dance-off the likes of which you’ve never seen

There’s no way you’ll watch these without trying it out yourself – it’s just not possible.


Two hands dancing

Two hands dancing

Two hands dancing

One man’s handy talent has started a dance-off the likes of which Twitter has never seen.

J P-Nut Hunt kicked things off with this excellent little number.

Impressive stuff, but admittedly this was to be expected. Hunt is actually a professional as a member of Finger Circus, a unique dancing group specialised in finger-tutting, a dance style which involves intricate hand movements.

Pretty soon though, Hunt’s majestic moves got everybody giving it a try.

Of course, Hunt had a reply to it all though.

Not everyone’s videos were polished performances…

But of course, Hunt always had more to give.

In fact, after a while he started to take requests.

While for some people, Hunt just appeared to be impressed.

That guy deserves a big hand.

Oh, and just in case you have any questions about Hunt’s hand-dancing expertise, here he is doing what he does best with some of his colleagues…