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Onstage footage shows what Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr were really saying in their first stare-down

Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship has the camera angle and sound you’ve been waiting for.

Conor McGregor has been facing off against Floyd Mayweather Junior in a four-city promotional tour for their August 26 super-fight in Las Vegas.

The coverage of the press conferences so far has been tantalising, but new footage released by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) gives a deeper and fascinating insight.

Filmed for UFC president Dana White’s video blog, part of the footage shows exactly what fans will have wanted to know – exactly what McGregor and Mayweather were saying to each other in their first stare-down. Take a look.

“Look in my eye,” said mixed-martial artist McGregor. “I’m gonna bounce your head off the canvas. One shot is all it takes me.”

“Are your hands sore already?” said the Irishman, taunting Mayweather’s 40 years of age. “Do they hurt more in the cold? If this was a real fight you’re dead already.”

(Jae C. Hong/AP)

“We’ll see,” Mayweather repeatedly told McGregor. “Just show up.”

The full video shows discussions between McGregor and White on stage, with the UFC chief telling the fighter that the London press conference is sold out – and discussing McGregor’s now meme-worthy Capoeira onstage.

“Seeing me doing that little bit of Capoeira he was like, ‘what the f***s going on there?’,” McGregor said, laughing, to White. “Oh yeah, I’m buzzin’. There wasn’t a peep out of him!”

In case any of you conspiracists thought McGregor’s lines are scripted, he seemed to imply things at the press conferences are very much adlibbed too.

“Did you bring a speech and all?” he asked White, who said yes. “F*** off I’m just gonna roll with it.”

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