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People are freaking out that it’s already August

The same thing will happen in September.


It’s that time again

It’s that time again

It’s that time again

It’s August 1, and despite August following July every year,for some people this is all a bit too much to handle.

Some people are celebrating the arrival of a new month and a chance for a fresh start, love and light etc etc.

But the year’s eighth month has arrived quicker than many would have liked or expected, with a number of people questioning where time has gone.

It’s just not making sense.

Some people out there are using August as a marker to look back on the year so far and take note of how much they’ve achieved.

Whether time is actually speeding up, as some scientists believe, or it’s all to do with perception, one thing is certain: Christmas is fast approaching.

But hey, it also means something else – something that can either make or break this month depending on your preferences.

Whatever the rest of the year brings, it’s sure to come quickly.