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People are listing things that are ‘better than sex’ – with some hilarious results

Garlic bread, anyone?

There’s no saying how or why a meme takes off when it does, but one proving popular again right now was first introduced in 2015 – and nobody’s sad to see it back.

The format is pretty simple, which has definitely help Twitter users come up with a few outstanding examples this week.

Here’s the OG.

And here’s how people have expanded it.

Some of the most popular examples have had a political message.

But less abstract ideas have proven more popular than sex as well.

There was an opportunity to shout out our lord and saviour Andre 3000 that couldn’t be missed.

Some were the opposite of wholesome.

While others are so wholesome you’re basically wrapped in a blanket while reading.

Very good, Twitter. But none of them are *actually* better than garlic bread, are they?

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