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People are sharing the worst gifts they have ever received

Some of these are pretty strange.

Offering someone a gift can be a hit or miss situation, but in these cases, the effort (or lack thereof) seems to have been a clear miss.

Receiving a less-than-desirable present triggers one of the most awkward dilemmas of all time: should you speak your mind, or politely grin and bear it?

These people are sharing the worst gifts they have ever received, after Reddit user giantradioactivesun wanted to know.

See if you can do better than these nine unexpected presents.

1. An aquarium heater.

2. An engraved pen, re-gifted.

3. A framed self-portrait.

4. Intercepted socks.

5. Can’t go wrong with a pear.

6. A donkey penpal in Quebec.

7. Everyone loves pizza, right? Wrong.

8. A customised hanger.

9. An unwanted jewellery box.

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