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People are sharing this presidential candidate’s ‘spiritual’ tweets

Fringe Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson said she would ‘harness love for political purposes’.

(Wilfredo Lee/AP/PA Images)
(Wilfredo Lee/AP/PA Images)

Fringe Democratic candidate for United States presidency, author Marianne Williamson, has captured the attention of social media with her “spiritual” debate style.

Democrats running in the 2020 US presidential race took part in televised debates for the party’s primary election on Wednesday and Thursday.

Ms Williamson, an author who previously served as a spiritual adviser to Oprah, became the most-searched candidate as the debate on Thursday drew to a close, according to Google.

Twitter users watching the debate enjoyed her “spiritual” statements, including that she would “harness love for political purposes” in order to beat out Republican candidate President Donald Trump.

Her unusual comments during the debate, closing with the statement “love will win”, led some social media users to uncover her old tweets, which she sent to an audience of 2.6 million followers.

Before running for Democratic candidacy, Ms Williamson authored 13 books, including four New York Times number one bestsellers.

Her books mainly fall within the spirituality and political genres, with her tweets following a similar theme.

Here are a few of her tweets from previous years, which have captured the imagination of social media users.

1. Firstly, Twitter users found that Ms Williamson is a fan of the film Avatar.

2. The author often tweeted motivational sayings before running for president.

3. Twitter users uncovered this idea for a presidential slogan.

4. In 2009, the presidential candidate tweeted this cure for a “chaotic” world.

5. Ms Williamson’s Twitter account might be a good one to follow on a cloudy day.

6. Lastly, this piece of advice comes from 2016.

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, 25 Democratic candidates have put themselves forward.

Early front runners include Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, former vice president Joe Biden, California Senator Kamala Harris, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

A total of 20 Democrats have debated on television in the US this week in two groups of 10, on Wednesday and Thursday.

On the Republican side, Mr Trump is set to run for re-election alongside former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld.



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