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People rallied around an independent bookshop that tweeted asking for help

Imagined Things bookshop in Harrogate tweeted saying times were tough – and people came through.

(Alextype/Getty Images)
(Alextype/Getty Images)

An independent bookshop in Harrogate has experienced an outpouring of support after tweeting that times were tough.

Imagined Things in North Yorkshire sent a message asking for sales after only taking £12.34 in a day.

The request was then retweeted more than 4,000 times, with the public and authors alike backing the shop.

They said: “We only took £12.34 today… If anyone was thinking about buying a book now would be a great time… We’d be very grateful for your support.”

The shop is owned by Georgia Duffy, who quit her job as a radiographer at the Harrogate District Hospital to launch Imagined Things in 2017.

Imagined Things became the first independent bookshop in Harrogate in nearly 20 years.

As well as offers to buy and order books from the shop, a number of authors expressed their desire to give readings and events.

The bookshop said: “The biggest thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We appreciate it so much.”

Imagined Things is now attempting to create a website where people can buy books online after the enormous response it has received since going viral.

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