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People rally behind coffee-loving lizard who is a regular in a Florida convenience shop

Marvin the lizard loves the smell of 7-Eleven coffee machines.


Lizard at 7-Eleven

Lizard at 7-Eleven

Lizard at 7-Eleven

If there’s anything the internet has taught us, it’s that friends can be made in the most unlikely places.

Kristen Arnett, a writer from Florida, has gone viral for making friends with a coffee-loving lizard in her local convenience shop.

When Arnett tweeted that she had seen a lizard next to the coffee maker in 7-Eleven, an employee reassured her that he was in fact a regular at the shop, and his name is Marvin.

7-Eleven spotted the original tweet, saying that they wanted to check up on the store and see if Marvin was there, but like any loyal friend, Arnett refused to snitch on him.

Luckily, 7-Eleven understood, and allowed Marvin to sit by the coffee machine uninterrupted.

Social media users loved the tale of Arnett defending her new lizard friend, with the original tweet receiving over 82,000 retweets, and plenty of comments declaring support for her and Marvin.

Looks like Marvin the lizard has kept his treasured spot by the 7-Eleven coffee machine for another day.