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Piers Morgan and Brian Cox are intensely debating the Big Bang theory on Twitter

And other celebrities have joined in…

What came before the Big Bang?

It’s a question scientists have been trying to answer for decades – ever since Belgian astrophysicist and priest Georges Lemaitre first noted in 1927 that our expanding universe could be traced back in time to an originating single point.

Now it appears GMB presenter Piers Morgan has waded into this existential debate, after posting his views on Twitter.

He wanted to know why atheists – those who do not believe in the existence of God or gods – could not explain why there was nothing before the Big Bang and what this so-called “nothing” exactly is.

According to Morgan, the fact that humans cannot explain what existed before the universe points to “something that has superior powers to the human brain”.

His tweet caught the attention of physicist and science communicator Brian Cox.

Cox’s response is based on a modified explanation of the Big Bang theory known as the inflation theory, which states the universe expanded rapidly shortly after it was created.

The evidence supporting the inflation theory includes the existence of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) – which is thought to be the heat left over from the original explosion.

It also offers an explanation to the horizon problem – which is that no matter which direction you look in the universe, you see basically the same thing – and the flatness problem, where the universe appears to have a flat geometry.

When challenged by Morgan to explain what existed before inflation and the Big Bang, Cox pointed out the answer is still not known.

Soon other famous faces joined in to share their thoughts, some siding with science and others speaking in favour of faith.

It’s unlikely we will have an answer to this anytime soon but it certainly made some people’s day…


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