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Presenting a very, very jealous little corgi

The growl says it all.

Kupo the corgi, once the most loved dog in Brandon Welbourne’s house, is having a hard time dealing with a new arrival.

Peyton, a six-month-old retriever puppy, is the new dog in town. And that’s left five-year-old Kupo really craving attention. Even when that attention is a little bit gross.

You’ll need the sound on for this one.

That’s a serious growl Kupo’s got, but as Brandon explains the dog is actually quite friendly with Peyton.

“Kupo isn’t crazy about other dogs, especially when they are at our house. At first he didn’t like Peyton. It took three days for him to accept her and start playing with her. Now they play together every day and get along very well for the most part,” he said.

But despite them getting along, he’s still not thrilled when Peyton is getting more attention than him.

Brandon said: “Kupo was never a jealous dog until we got the new puppy. He never really craved attention or love until she started to get some and then he became jealous. If we are petting her he will come over and nudge his head/nose under our hands so we pet him. Or he will literally climb on top of us if possible.”

At least it’s all led to some humorous moments.

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