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Pretty Little Thing has turned that viral red wine-stained jumpsuit into an outfit you can actually buy

It comes without the unfortunate alcohol smell.

(Pretty Little Thing/PA)
(Pretty Little Thing/PA)

Spilling red wine down a white outfit is one of the most irritating things you can do on a night out – there’s really no way of salvaging a stark burgundy stain.

A post by Eleanor Walton went viral after she found a solution to this age-old problem. She was at the Ripon Races wearing a white high-neck jumpsuit, and someone spilled red on her. Instead of spending the rest of the day trying to cover up the spillage, her friends intentionally soaked the rest of her outfit using four more glasses of wine – transforming it with a tie-dye effect.

Walton’s friend Mia Williamson posted a before and after picture of their handiwork, which swiftly went viral, and now fashion brand Pretty Little Thing are selling a red wine-look version you can actually buy.

The new tie-dye jumpsuit from PLT (Pretty Little Thing/PA)

Walton’s handmade outfit went viral less than 10 days ago and the new tie-dye jumpsuit is now available to buy online for £25, so you’ve got to be impressed by Pretty Little Thing’s production turnaround – it really gives new meaning to ‘fast fashion’.

You can see why the original post went viral – so many of us have been in a similar situation to Walton, and it really is an inventive solution.

She was originally wearing the high necked tie waist jumpsuit in scuba material from Pretty Little Thing, which cost £25.

The original white jumpsuit Walton was wearing (Pretty Little Thing/PA)

When the wine disaster struck, Walton must have had to spend a lot of time under the hand dryer in the loos – another familiar situation for so many of us on a night out.

If you buy this jumpsuit and bump into Walton, it looks like drinks are on her.



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