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Raheem Sterling could not believe how slow EA Sports have made Daniel Sturridge on Fifa 18

“You’re basically saying he’s slow, then.”

It’s common for top footballers to feel a little underwhelmed at their Fifa 18 statistics, but Raheem Sterling seemed more offended by how EA Sports have rated his friend Daniel Sturridge.

During a recording with FATV, Sturridge admitted he didn’t play Fifa any more – even so, he and his former Liverpool team-mate Sterling could not quite believe how low his pace rating is on the new game.

Prepare for incredulity.

“His shooting’s 82? So what’s his pace? Pffffft. That’s fake,” Sterling said, after being told Sturridge’s pace rating was just 79 out of a theoretically possible 100.

England footballers Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling

Sturridge was none too pleased by that either. “Seventy-nine?” the Liverpool striker asked. “Don’t disrespect my pace like that bro, I’m minimum 80…”

England footballers Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling

Things only got worse – at that point someone interrupted to correct the figure, saying it was in fact 76, not 79.

“His pace is 76?” Sterling asked. “Daniel’s in the nineties bruv… 76 pace, you’re basically saying he’s slow then.”

England footballers Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling

“I’m one of the fastest strikers in the Premier League,” said Sturridge in exasperated fashion, before Sterling kindly added: “If not the fastest.”

“To put 76 down there, it’s a disrespect to my credibility, it’s a disrespect to my integrity, to my name…” joked Sturridge.

England footballers Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling

It doesn’t look like Sturridge will be returning to play Fifa any time soon.

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