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Red panda finds a mate thanks to ‘zoological dating agency’

Newquay Zoo’s male red panda Germaine has found love with eight-year-old female Zou.

(Newquay Zoo)
(Newquay Zoo)

Newquay Zoo’s male red panda Germaine has found a mate after being paired up by an international zoological “dating agency”.

Female red panda Zou, aged eight, was found through the International Studbook, which keeps detailed records of animals.

Zoos use the records to make sure the mates are genetically suitable, with no danger of in-breeding.

Zou came to Newquay Zoo in Cornwall from Touroparc, in the French city of Lyon.

(Newquay Zoo)

Mike Downman, senior carnivore keeper at the zoo, said: “Zou has spent the past few days exploring her new home and introducing herself to Germaine.

“We are very excited for the pairing and hope that they will go on to have fluffy little cubs in the future!”

Native to India, China, Bhutan, Nepal and Burma, red pandas are classified as an endangered species. There is estimated to be fewer than 10,000 individuals left in the wild.



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