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Resourceful driver creates ‘Call Police’ sign when stranded without phone

Fellow motorists in Arizona were able to help her out and call for assistance.

(Hartphotography1/Getty Images
(Hartphotography1/Getty Images

Fellow motorists sprung into action when a driver broke down without a mobile phone on a main road in the US.

The driver had pulled on to the hard shoulder when she ran into trouble but was unable to summon help without her phone.

But she set to work creating a sign which read “Call Police” and other motorists on the L202 in Arizona placed a call on her behalf.

Arizona Department of Transport shared the tale on Twitter, calling the driver “resourceful”.

“The woman who was driving this maroon car apparently had no cell phone when her car broke down,” it said.

“The resourceful motorist put a sign on her back windshield that said ‘Call Police’.

“It worked! Within minutes, DPS (Department of Public Safety) came to her rescue.”

Arizona motorists evidently look out for one another.

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