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Robotics YouTuber Simone Giertz releases first video since brain surgery

Brian the tumour has been removed!

(Simone Giertz)
(Simone Giertz)

Inventor and YouTuber Simone Giertz has described her brain tumour surgery and ongoing recovery in a video for fans.

In the video she announces the surgery went well, and shows her scar to the camera, saying it trumps her biggest previous scar – from a birth mark removal.

Giertz told followers about her non-cancerous, benign tumour “the size of a golf ball” on April 30, sparking an outpouring of support across the internet. She underwent surgery to remove the grade 1 meningioma in May.

In her return to YouTube, Giertz’s signature sense of humour shines through as she makes a series of jokes about her tumour (named Brian), the surgery and her surgeon’s name.

She also shares a series of unusual side effects from the surgery, including air bubbles inside her skull and a hilarious incident involving a nurse and a very long fart.

“I was like, oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she laughed on camera. “That did not come from my butt.”

In the video description, Giertz thanked her fans for their support, writing: “It’s been an onslaught of love unlike anything I could ever have imagined.”

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