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Saturday night takeaway experience for pets on the menu at Poundland

The discount store chain is selling a new range of dog treats in chicken wing and sausage roll flavours.


Dog owners are being offered the opportunity to give their pets a flavour of their favourite takeaways.

A new range of pet treats being sold at Poundland replicates some of the nation’s top tastes to allow pet owners to “share that fried chicken bucket with your four- legged friend”, according to the store.

The snacks come in chicken wing, chicken and rice nugget, and sausage roll varieties.


Poundland said the snacks are “healthier” than the equivalents being eaten by their owners, adding: “The new Poundland dog treats contain real meat and are a high source of calcium.”

Duck strip and chicken wrap varieties are also available.

The treats, available in shops nationwide, cost £1 a bag.



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