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Scientific face of first Briton inspires flurry of cheesy jokes

Well, he is called Cheddar Man after all.

Using DNA examination and facial reconstruction, scientists have revealed the face of the first modern Briton, who lived around 300 generations ago.

The study revealed Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, had “dark to black” skin, blue eyes and dark, curly hair.

The First Brit: Secrets Of The 10,000 Year Old Man screening

While the research is groundbreaking, for many the findings were an opportunity to have some fun.

Some were ready with cheesy puns.

Others had jokes about those who might not be pleased with Cheddar Man’s dark skin.

And some tried – perhaps a little too hard – to cover all bases.

Dairy me.

Meanwhile, many were bewitched by Cheddar Man’s dashing appearance.

Some began to speculate who might play him if a movie came along.

Or what a nature programme about his life might be like.

One even suggested he would do better moving into the music business.

Finally, for a lot of people, Cheddar Man just caused some very human cravings.

When scientific breakthrough meets cheese – cheese wins every time.

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