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Sea Life Blackpool welcomed rare twin baby stingrays and named them the Ray twins

These two stingrays are part of the aquarium’s ‘breed, rescue, protect’ campaign.

Aquarists at Sea Life Blackpool have named two newborn stingrays Ronnie and Reggie after the Kray twins, two of Britain’s most infamous criminals.

Twin stingrays are rare and these two arrivals are part of the aquarium’s “breed, rescue, protect” campaign.

At present, 539 species of rays are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, with 107 classified as threatened.

“The new baby rays are only a few inches long currently, but they are doing well and putting on weight already,” said Scott Blacker, head aquarist.

“We were surprised and delighted when the twins suddenly appeared. We thought one of the female rays may be pregnant, but were completely taken by surprise.

“One of the team suggested we should call them Ronnie and Reggie, the Ray Twins.”

Stingray numbers are in decline globally due to over-fishing, habitat loss and climate change.

Sea Life Blackpool’s “breed, rescue, protect” campaign aims to help conserve endangered and threatened species such as the stingray.

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