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Sean Spicer has left the building: What the former White House press secretary did on his last day

Spicer outlasted The Mooch. Period.

Meme-tastic press secretary Sean Spicer has finally left the White House, walking out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue more than a month after the man whose arrival led to his resignation.

Spicer quit in July when President Donald Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci, otherwise known as The Mooch, as his communications chief.

But as a testament to the chaos that has engulfed White House appointments, while Spicer stuck it out until the end of August, Scaramucci left the administration after 10 days and one foul-mouthed phone call.

And our man left in true Spicer style with a party and a farewell email complete with the errors he became known for.

On Twitter, the ousted press secretary, notes in his bio that he is a “horrable speller”.

Throughout his time at the White House podium he became known for issuing questionable “facts”.

In January, on his first day in the job, Spicer took journalists to task over coverage of the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration, setting the tone for the White House’s relationship with the media.

Tweets with the hashtag #SpicerFacts routinely questioned what he was saying – or just plainly mocked it – along with his confrontational approach and his use of the word “period” at the end of sentences.

He became widely known after Melissa McCarthy routinely impersonated him on US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

The pictures from his August 31 farewell party had one noticeable exception – Trump himself.

In July, though, the president wished Spicer well, describing his future as “bright”.

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