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See the last 100 years of prime ministers represented in emoji

When a tweet with the US presidents as emoji went viral, it inspired a novel look at previous residents of Number 10.


(Matt Alexander/PA)

(Matt Alexander/PA)

(Matt Alexander/PA)

The picture below shows the last 100 years of British prime ministers represented in emoji.

It starts with Welshman David Lloyd George – represented by a yellow flower for a daffodil – and ends with current PM Theresa May, immortalised by an ear of wheat.

Elsewhere there is a pretty garden for Anthony Eden, a dog for Winston Churchill and a pair of glasses for spectacle wearer James Callaghan.

Neville Chamberlain, who famously remarked “I believe it is peace for our time”, is represented by a dove while Edward Heath, who oversaw Britain during the dark days of the three-day week, is depicted by a candle.

The selection was inspired by a tweet which reduced the 45 presidents of the US to a collection of emoji.

In the presidential version, created by Caroline McCarthy on Twitter, the current president, Donald Trump, is shown as a clown. George W Bush is shown with a cowboy hat in a nod to his Texan roots, and his father George HW Bush is shown as a tree for wordplay.

The tweet, which starts with the US flag for inaugural president George Washington, has garnered thousands of likes and retweets across social media.

McCarthy said thinking up relevant emoji for some was “a stretch”.

She added: “Some of these are actual references to a president’s legacy, some nod at salacious rumours, and some are just bad, bad, bad puns.”

She resorted to using the generic “white old man emoji” for just one former president – Chester Arthur.

He was the 21st president who succeeded the assassinated James A Garfield, who is celebrated with the cat emoji in McCarthy’s tweet.

Richard Nixon is depicted with the Pinocchio face while former actor Ronald Reagan is a movie camera.

Grover Cleveland is shown as a broken heart because his presidency was “split in two”, and William Howard Taft, apparently the president who installed the White House’s first tub, is commemorated with the bath emoji.

McCarthy’s original tweet has spawned a host of people attempting to better her initial suggestions and create a similar emoji list for vice presidents.