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See these ducklings reunited with mother duck after falling into drain

Luckily university worker Rich Kellam was on hand to rescue the birds.

(Nottingham Trent University)
(Nottingham Trent University)

This is the moment two ducklings were rescued after getting trapped inside a grid.

The rescue was caught on camera as university worker Rich Kellam lifted the grid to scoop out the two baby birds which were swimming around on the water inside.

“It wasn’t that deep, luckily,” said Kellam, who works at Nottingham Trent University as a facilities support assistant.

He had been driving a road sweeper to make sure the site is at its best ahead of the upcoming graduations when he spotted a woman by the grid.

“I thought she might have dropped her car keys,” he told the Press Association. “I was surprised when I looked in and saw two ducklings.

“It lifted up quite easily and I got the ducks out.”

Mother duck remained nearby with the rest of her brood and although the sound of the road sweeper initially scared her two car lengths away, she then came closer.

Once the ducklings were out, the reunited family went “waddling off” in the direction of nearby Arboretum park, said Kellam.

All in a day’s work.



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