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Sick dog treated like royalty by restaurant staff before being put down

Wilson enjoyed the dream day before he died.

Family dog Wilson eats some food at a seafood bar and grill (Stephen Rampersad)
Family dog Wilson eats some food at a seafood bar and grill (Stephen Rampersad)

Restaurant staff went the extra mile in Pensacola, Florida by making a treasured family dog’s last day special before he died.

When the Rampersad family found out their 14-year-old dog, Wilson, had cancer and would only have a few more days to live, they made the decision to have him put down.

During the weekend leading to his passing, the Rampersads took Wilson everywhere with them and made sure he was never alone in his pain.

(Stephen Rampersad)

On Monday morning, the last day he would have with Wilson, Stephen Rampersad decided to take the dog to the beach.

However, before they could get to the sand Rampersad, who works as a director of maintenance for a landscaping company as well as being a firefighter, received a business call regarding some landscaping work.

The call was from Adam Gully, manager at a local seafood bar and grill called Shaggy’s, but Stephen was not going to leave his dog alone.

He told the Pensacola News Journal, “He (the manager, Adam Gully) said, ‘Well, we are all dog-friendly, and the girls will take care of Wilson so we can walk the property.”

Once they arrived at the restaurant, Wilson received the royal treatment. The staff immediately asked Rampersad what they could serve Wilson.

There were no limits.

(Stephen Rampersad)

The staff brought out vanilla ice cream, a cheeseburger and french fries.

The grand finale was an entire plate of bacon that Wilson quickly devoured.

All the while, the staff sat with the dog and rubbed his belly, scratched behind his ears and told him how much they all loved him.

Rampersad went on to tell the Pensacola News Journal, “Wilson was just over-the-top excited about it all.”

He told the Journal that Wilson’s ears would perk up each time more food came around, saying: “I think that’s what really touched me about the people at Shaggy’s, is that they went out of their way to be kind to us in a world where people aren’t kind for no reason.”



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