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Sky News reporter Joe Tidy found himself in a rather messy situation at Notting Hill Carnival

Tidy was left splattered with paint and silly string as the annual west London celebration began.

Notting Hill Carnival is well and truly under way, and few felt its arrival more intensely than Sky News reporter Joe Tidy.

Tidy was interviewing paint-splattered attendees of the west London parade, who were ready to get the party started and keen to involve him in the festivities at 8am.

As he listened to two carnival-goers talking about the importance of the annual event, a small crowd gathered around the journalist and camera crew, with people waving towards the viewers at home.

Things gradually lost control as the crowd got bigger when, out of nowhere, flecks of blue paint and threads of pink silly string landed on the reporter’s shirt and face.

“I should have worn my overalls,” he exclaimed, but it was too late.

An ever-professional Tidy kept going, eager to talk to the party-goers. But things escalated further when a handful of blue paint landed on the reporter’s left cheek.

That’s when the party really started.

As the screen went back to the studio, presenters Stephen Dixon and Claudia-Liza Armah had their heads buried in their hands and they tried desperately to conceal their laughter.

All in a day’s work, eh.

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