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Social media users reveal best sleep-talk they have overheard

Sometimes sleep can make people say the strangest things.


(Vera_Petrunina/Getty Images)

(Vera_Petrunina/Getty Images)

(Vera_Petrunina/Getty Images)

Sleep-talking may be a fairly common occurrence but these social media users can attest that some night-time conversations are more bizarre than others.

Reddit user Jhaydun_Dinan asked people on the website: “Those of you with partners who talk in their sleep; what is the creepiest, weirdest, or most random thing they’ve said?”

Here are a few of the best sleep-talking anecdotes, that might make you wary of falling asleep in public.

1. This is one way to wake up in the morning.

2. This would be a brilliant dream to come true.

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3. This person really is taking their work home.

4. Somebody had a midnight existential crisis here.

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5. A little boy with an extensive sleep-knowledge of English.

6. Sleep-laughing is better than having a nightmare.

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7. This person woke up just to make a cheesy joke.

8. Why would you ever decline a slice of pie?

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9. This person is going to be in a lot of trouble tomorrow.

10. Lastly, this absolutely bizarre request.

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