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Solving the mystery of why this camel was spotted on the side of a snowy road

‘The roads were horrible and people were stuck in the snow everywhere. Then I saw the camel and I had to do a double-take.’


Footage posted to social media of a camel standing on the side of a snowy road in the US left people scratching their heads, but the mystery of where on Earth it came from has now been solved.

Megan Vogel, 25, filmed the camel on the Pennsylvania road on her way home from work at IT Company Zog Inc.

“The roads were horrible and people were stuck in the snow everywhere,” Megan told the Press Association. “Then I saw the camel and I had to do a double-take.”

It now transpires the camel’s name is Einstein and he belongs to a mobile petting zoo which travels in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Einstein was on his way to an event for the Jewish Federation at the Kimmel Centre in Philadelphia, but didn’t make it due to bad weather.

“Sadly Einstein the camel didn’t make it to the Kimmel Center this evening,” the Jewish Federation in Philadelphia wrote on Twitter.

“His ride got stuck in the weather and decided it was best for him to go home.

“Thank you for everyone’s concern. Einstein is safe and happy to be headed home to Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo.”

Many shared Megan’s initial confusion towards the camel, but for others in the local community Einstein became something of a local hero.

While Einstein’s jaunt in the snow may have scuppered the Jewish Federation’s plans with him, he got home safe and did at least bring some joy to a chilly day in the southeastern US.

“It definitely made being stuck in traffic more entertaining!” added Megan.



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