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Some people in New York just committed a major faux-pas involving dog poo

Who knew dog poo could cause such excitement?

People in New York must have broken some sort of unwritten social code when they refused to warn a woman she was about to step in dog poo. And then cheered as her foot slid across it.

The cringe-inducing but admittedly kind of funny video was taken by an ESPN reporter outside of a Big Baller Brand pop-up shop in New York.

While waiting in line to enter the store, the group seemingly needed some entertainment, and when a dog pooped in front of them (and the owner didn’t pick it up?!) they definitely got it.

Hopefully you weren’t expecting anything classy from that.

The video has proved pretty popular, and people have been lining up to send burns in the way of the spectators.

As well as just making poop jokes.

Nobody comes out well from this.

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